Contemporary artist Shaan Taseer lives and works in Toronto. He has travelled and lived throughout the world, and seeks to take the viewer on a journey of the places he has visited.
He discovers the relationship between society and politics by placing the city at the centre of his work. Taseer is an activist for the rights of minorities and religious freedom; he seeks to explore themes of violence and beauty through radiant and harmonious works of intelligent colour with subtle yet explosive energy and vibrant emotion. His work is bold, visually striking and brings dynamic new ways to articulate his core belief. 
Taseer’s art is an invitation to the viewer to come on a journey to the places he has visited and lived in. A city is something silent and eternal. The crevices, shapes and shadows that make up people’s living spaces are often reflections of their inner worlds. Taseer investigates that world and juxtaposes it against the beauty and violence of human existence.
“The city is the star of the show. Sometimes there are fleeting traces of human activity but often I remove the clutter of human presence to let the city speak for itself. Does the city reveal its secrets? I let the viewer decide. “

Shaan Taseer

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