China’s Master Calligrapher Shenghong Li‘s work takes the simple, natural lyrical characteristics, and pursues a free and elegant expression.  Mr. li participated in many exhibitions and his works have been widely collected by institutions and museums at home and abroad.
A calligraphy master who was born for calligraphy, grew up in the historical and cultural city of Jingzhou, Hubei, the capital city of Chu during the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period. He believes that the art of calligraphy is man’s understanding of the world, his views, and his heartfelt words. Artists should produce advanced spiritual and cultural products that society really needs, not just expressions of individual perception. Of course, the work needs technical support, but it also requires the calligrapher’s thought and soul. Therefore, his artistic pursuit for decades has been “the beauty of neutrality”, that is, the appreciation of elegance and vulgarity.
The Gengzi Song” was created during Covid-19. In this work, he chooses the ancient Chinese   timeless style of writing, the cursive script which is also conducive to the emotional venting and spiritual expression of pen and ink effects. “In terms of media selection, I used hand-edged edging paper and aged red star rice paper, and then tried the pen with lacquered iron. I feel that the emotional mobilization and the coordination of the feel are not harmonious. ” Afterwards, he tried it with the Chinese book court, which has been treasured for many years, and used it as a professional test.

“through the creation of this work, I really feel that calligraphy can keep up with the pulse of the times, use my own unique artistic language to discover truth, goodness, beauty, and promote spiritual culture, helping to promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It is said that only with the world in your eyes and the responsibility on your shoulders can you achieve feelings in your chest and waves in your writing.”

Li Shenghong

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