German-born artist Alina Sellig (b.1988) spent her early youth in the beautiful north of Germany – right at the Baltic Sea. In her childhood she learned how to express herself in music, dance and creative work. After years of studies and a professional career around the globe, Alina returned back home and continued her creative roots.
Capturing our wonderful world and thereby reminding people of positivity, high spirits and optimism is what Sellig has been working on during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by the landscape at the sea, her work reflects the beauty of nature that eternally exits in our familiar environment. Sellig has been experimenting with different materials and mediums, ranging from sculptures to collages. 
Sellig lies the hope in her works – she invites her audience to see the beauty, experience the summer, feel the wind and hear the waves. Her works magically leave the chaos of the pandemic behind, and encourage viewers to rejoice in nature. 
All the paintings are also available in prints. Please contact us for the price.
A snapshot of Alina’s atelier with Beach III
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